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Individuals and organizations: Searching for legal professionals can be time consuming and frustrating. We guide you to find the right lawyer, who pays no referral fee to us. So merit rules


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All areas of business and personal law. Your need may include

  • Full or limited legal engagement
  • Second opinion
  • Independent legal advice
  • Dealing with a lawyer in a current engagement
  • Switching lawyers
  • Legal fee disputes
  • Finding long-term legal representation
  • Self-representation
Conflict of Interest

Before you engage any lawyer that you have sourced through Planet-Legal, you must check to see if he or she is actively representing any party adverse in interest in the same matter for which you are seeking assistance.


Any lawyer you engage is bound by solicitor-client privilege. This covers both the fact of your consultation and the contents. He or she will not disclose any information to Planet-Legal except with your written authorization.


Before you give any personal information, request that lawyer maintain the confidentiality of your discussion, and obtain his or her agreement to same.


Planet-Legal is not liable for legal outcomes. See Terms and Conditions.

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