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Do-It-Yourself Posts

Do-It-Yourself Posts

How It Works
Legal Issues

For all practice areas, business and personal; for full legal engagement, for limited engagement, for confidential 2nd opinion, for self-represented litigant support, and independent legal advice.


This is the basic Planet-Legal service for clients to seek lawyers.

Lawyer Sourcing

In response to your online post, lawyers may reply to you without paying any fee whatsoever to Planet-Legal to access you. Lawyers will see your post either by searching the Planet-Legal site or by having received an alert of your posting as subscribers (free) to the Planet-Legal lawyer notification service.

Lawyer Shortlisting

By you with the help of Planet-Legal Client Resource tools (free).

Lawyer Selection

Exclusively by you.


Planet - Legal is not liable for legal outcomes. See Terms and Conditions.